Demo 2015

by Lady Liquor

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released January 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Lady Liquor Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: Life is Short Today
Life is short today
cause i've realised what i gave away.
Life is short today.
Something a wiser man would say
He'd call me a fool
as i turned my back and walked away.
Life is short today. Because i walked

Second chances are the beliefs of fools
my desperation i have nothing to loose

I've come undone, From the rock i was before.
I've come undone From the man i was before.

I can only say sorry so many times
before i realise i'm telling this to myself.
Time is all we need to regret
with a blind smiling face i'll push on,

today my life is a string
so delicate, as long as i make it
With a blind smiling face i'll push on
I'm not after forgiveness, just understanding.
with a blind smiling face ill push on

And at the end of this song, i will try to move on
But moving on it means that your gone.
Track Name: Forever in one year
If i was everything
It would rain in that city for centuries
Time would repeate for that whole fucking year
I would burn every obstacle between
I would grow every seed you'd saw in me.
Massacres across the world would freeze
Mother nature would reign supreme

Everything you loved would thrive
Everything you hated would die
Id shape the universe for you
Together, as mother nature, we'd rule.

My dear together we'd save this world
We'd acomplish every dream you hold.
In this city we'd live as royals
and i'd be yours.
and i would be yours.

Forever in one year

If i was everything
time would repeat
we would live as gods amongst the living
every time i sleep
But forever in a year
is a dream of ignorance
my dear, awake, we dont exist